Monday, April 25, 2011

Gimme the Ball, Coach...

This is my mantra.  This is the mindset I am working to get back to.  The girl I used to be did not doubt that she was the best player to handle the situation.  Gimme the Ball, Coach.  I am your point-guard.   I will beat her to the hoop.  I will make the play for the assist.  I will go to the line for the game deciding free throws.  Gimme the Ball, Coach.

I am signed
up for the Samurai Jiu-Jitsu tournament on May 8th which is sponsored by Fabricio Werdum Combat Team.  My weight class is up to 140 pounds and although Lucas Pires just gave me my first stripe I definitely still feel like a BabyBlue Belt.  I am constantly humbled, challenged and intrigued by how much more there is to know; How technique will eventually allow me to match up against these larger women.

So what do you do when they are Bigger Faster Better Stronger?   You still do the best you can.   You still give it your all.

I am tempted to make excuses.  I am tempted to say to Fabricio and Lucas, Please do not expect too much from me.  I am tempted to say, Look how big she is!  I am tempted to say, She has been doing this so much longer, she knows so much more!  I am tempted to allow myself the loss before I step on the mat.   I am tempted...

But I am going to quiet this voice.  Hush now.  Hush, Little Baby don't you cry Mama's gonna sing you a lullaby...

When I step on the mat, I am going in with one objective.  I am going in to Win.

Gimme the Ball, Coach.  I can do this.  Gimme the Ball, Coach.  I can figure her out.  Gimme the Ball, Coach.  I will battle with all my heart and ingenuity.  Gimme the Ball, Coach.   You have taught me well and I will do you proud.  Gimme the Ball, Coach.  Gimme the Ball.

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